Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why L5R?

For the last couple of day's I have been racking my brain. How do I start this latest SGN channel. Do I do a review of the set? How to play? Do I talk about my total lack of a competitive deck a day and a half before a large tournament? Struggling to come up with a suitable topic to launch this new SGN site, something hit me. Why did I choose L5R?
I am into an incredible amount of games, to many for my own good sometimes. Of all of them I have gravitated towards this one. What makes this game special and why start a site based off of it instead of any of the other games? Here are the reasons and the topic of this site's first post.

  • Player Interaction and Community: For as long as I have played or known Legend of the Five Rings that has been the continual pull to the game. For better or worse that is what makes this game unique. Many games have great communities but l5r has always been set apart from those other games in the simple regard that the l5r community (which is a great community) has always had the ability to change the game. Through storyline tournaments, Mega games, polls and various other ways. In L5R its the players that influence the game. This gives allot of the players a sense of ownership and factional pride, it what makes us fall in love with this game. Your clans losses are your losses and your clans victories are yours victories.
  • Depth of strategy: Even though for a card game l5r is a little to complex at times. It's that complexity that adds to the game even more. Lets not forget that this game has been around for 15 years which that alone stands for quite a bit. All that while changes (and sometimes yes mistakes) are made to the game to improve. The game evolves in its complexity and depth.
  • The Storyline: Its always comforting to look down on the table at the card or miniture in front of you and know the story. I will always be into gaming because it drive the imagination and allows you to do shit that you could or wouldn't ever do. I love stories and with l5r the storyline has always been one of the primary things that brings me back to the table.
  • A need: This is probably one of the kickers for doing a l5r web resource. I see a need in the community to do a personalized web resource that can be of use to new and old players aloke. Something not based in competitive play but not excluding it. Something that celebrates the game in all three of its forms. That is the a good reason.
These are the reasons why I play the game and why I will continue to play more than likely.

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  1. You mean why did you continue to play L5R. The reason you started was some jerk friend of your said "I'm going to play this new CCG, I got a box and I'm playing crab, What faction do you want"?