Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Plague War Previews

Been off the ball as it were totally missed the previews of the new set. Here are the ones that have been previewed thus far.

For Crane



1F 4C
4HR 6G 3PH
Crane Clan * Nonhuman * Kenku * Duelist
Iaijutsu Battle: Choose your performing Personality, and bow him unless he has won a duel this turn: Bow a target
enemy Personality with equal or lower Chi than yours.
“Only in challenge is there growth. You see a time of difficulty, I see a dojo without walls.”

Daidoji Gisei

2F 3C
6HR 7G 3PH
Crane Clan * Artisan * Storyteller * Loyal
Political Limited: Bow Gisei and discard the top card of your Fate Deck: All players lose an amount of Honor equal
to the card's Focus Value minus two (to a minimum of 0).
“You cannot tell a good story unless you are willing to suffer for it. Smiths sweat over their forges, potters wear
away their hands, storytellers give out bits of their own heart.”

Doji Hakuseki

4F 4C
6HR 9G 3PH
Crane Clan * Samurai * Duelist
Magistrate * Experienced * Unique
Battle: Bow a target enemy Personality with lower Personal Honor than Hakuseki’s Chi. If the Personality is
dishonorable, Hakuseki challenges him; destroy the duel’s loser.
“You are a dishonorable cur, and your very existence weakens the Empire. Happily,I know how to correct this

Daidoji Kyorai

3F 3C
4HR 7G 3PH
Crane Clan * Samurai * Iron Crane * Scout
Battle: Even if Kyorai is bowed,if a Recon action has targeted the current battlefield’s province this turn: Move
your target Personality there. Straighten his unit if he moved.
“You must take this news to Lord Kikaze. I will delay them here.”


Seawatch Castle

Iaijutsu Battle: Even if this card is bowed, shoose your performing unbowed Personality: He challenges a target
enemy Personality. Move the duel's loser home. The winner's controller takes the Imperial Favor.
The serenity of the waves has given rise to a unique dueling style, popular among prominent yojimbo.


The Trap is Sprung!
Battle: If a Recon action has targeted the current battlefield's province this turn, choose your performing unbowed
Scout Personality: Bow a target enemy card. Bow its unit if you are a Crane Clan player.
"Entire units lost to the plague. Now we must fell our own brothers. Is there no end to this disgrace?" - Daidoji

Impetuous Challenge
Focus Effect: After this duel ends, if the duel’s loser did not focus, destroy him.
Battle: Choose your performing unbowed Personality: He challenges a target enemy Personality. Bow the duel’s
loser’s unit.
Failure to respond quickly means death.


Agasha Kitsuki’s Ashes
+0F +0C
Attaches to a Crane Clan Personality paying 2 less Gold.
Battle: Move this Personality home: Target an enemy Personality with lower Personal Honor than this Personality’s
Chi. Move him home. If he moved, his controller loses 2 Honor.
“All ancestors must be honored.” – Daidoji Kirimi

For Crab


Hida Shimonai
7F / 2C
–HR 10G 0PH
Crab Clan * Shadowlands * Berserker * Damned
Battle: Bow a target enemy card with lower Force.
They are no different from any other Shadowlands creature. Destroyers can die.

Hida Kichiro
4F / 3C
1HR 7G 2PH
Crab Clan * Samurai * Commander
Battle: Straighten your target Personality or Follower.
The Crab fought daily to destroy the inexorable army. Despite their greatest efforts, the Crab warriors found
themselves retreating from the constant battle.

Hida Demopen
5F / 2C
3HR 7G 2PH
Crab Clan * Samurai * Hero
Battle: Discard a Heroic Strategy: Ranged 5 Attack.
How can you put so much value in paintings, fans, and perfumes, when bushi fall to an unending foe?

4F / 3C
–HR 7G 1PH
Crab Clan * Nonhuman * Tennyo * Cavalry * Scout * Spirit
Battle: Bow Tennyo unless a Recon action has targeted this battlefield’s province this turn: Bow a target enemy
card without attachments. Destroy the targeted card if it is an attachment.
No one knows why these spirits decided to fight the Destroyers. I, for one, welcome all the help we can get. – Hida


Fortress of the Forgotten
Battle: If any enemy units are at the current battlefield: Target a non-Unique Personality face-up in one of your
provinces. Bring him into play at the current battlefield. If he is a Berserker, you may ignore his Gold cost; if you
do and he entered play, destroy him before this turn ends.
We go forth to die. – Hida Ikarukani


Heedless Assault
Battle: Give your performing unbowed Berserker Personality a Force penalty up to his current Force: Give a target
enemy Follower or Personality an equal Force penalty. Destroy your Berserker if he now has 0 Force and no
attachments. Destroy the enemy card if it now has 0 Force and no attachments.
The Damned rushed forward and cut through the remaining zombies, heedless of their own injuries.

Unexpected Sympathy
Crab Clan players may play this card paying 1 less Gold.
Limited: You take in the families of the Dragonfly. Create two 1F Followers and attach them to one or two of your
target Personalities.
We know what it means to be cast out from one’s home at the hands of an inhuman enemy. You are welcome
here. – Hiruma Todori

Overpowering Assault
Battle: Choose your performing unbowed Commander and bow his performing Follower: Destroy a target enemy
card without attachments.
Nothing can stand against Rokugani honor and resolve.

Individual cards off the main site.

Tsai Tsu
Dragon Clan*Nonhuman*Ryu*Cavalry*Tactician

“The massive Wyrm shook the earth with its fury.
Atop it, the Son of Fire cackled and ordered the
beast forward. When all seemed lost, the Heavens
opened, and answered my pleas. Then the noble ryu,
children of the dragons, surged forth to confront
the twisted abomination.” – Tamori Sugi

Void Dragon's Guidance
Void - Dragon - Unique
After this card enters play: You may put the Ring of the Void from your discard pile into your hand.
Battle/Open: Discard this card: Look at the top 5 cards of any Fate deck. Put them back in any order. If you control
the Ring of the Void, draw a card.

Phoenix Clan * Void * Shugenja * Ishiken
Limited: Look at the top card of your Fate deck. You may put it at the bottom of your deck.

Heedless Assault
Battle: Give your performing unbowed Berserker Personality a Force penalty up to his current Force: Give a target
enemy Follower or Personality an equal Force penalty. Destroy your Berserker if he now has 0 Force and no
attachments. Destroy the enemy card if it now has 0 Force and no attachments.
The Damned rushed forward and cut through the remaining zombies, heedless of their own injuries.

Utaku Yu-Pan Exp 2
5f / 4C
4HR/ 9GC/ 4 PH
Unicorn Clan ` Samurai ` Cavalry ` Battle Maiden ` Daimyo ` Paragon ` Experienced 2 ` Loyal ` Unique
Your Other Battle Maidens have +1 Force and +1 PH while attacking.

Battle: Even if Yu-Pan is bowed: Straighten Her. You may target and destroy an enemy Personality or Follower with
0 Force.

Yogo Rieko Exp
4 / 4
- / 8g / 1ph
Scorpion Clan. Air. Shugenja. Ninja. Kuroiban. Experienced. Unique.
Battle/Open: Transfer a poison token from a target personality to another target personality.
Battle/Open: Even if Rieko is bowed: Straighten a target personality.

Although the Kuroiban could find no way to stem the plague, or the zombies it produced, Rieko continued to fight
them wherever they appeared.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Cards for Koku!!!

Over at the L5R site tons of people have been banking their koku. As a response AEG announce that it would be adding more cards to the koku for cards list.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why L5R?

For the last couple of day's I have been racking my brain. How do I start this latest SGN channel. Do I do a review of the set? How to play? Do I talk about my total lack of a competitive deck a day and a half before a large tournament? Struggling to come up with a suitable topic to launch this new SGN site, something hit me. Why did I choose L5R?
I am into an incredible amount of games, to many for my own good sometimes. Of all of them I have gravitated towards this one. What makes this game special and why start a site based off of it instead of any of the other games? Here are the reasons and the topic of this site's first post.

  • Player Interaction and Community: For as long as I have played or known Legend of the Five Rings that has been the continual pull to the game. For better or worse that is what makes this game unique. Many games have great communities but l5r has always been set apart from those other games in the simple regard that the l5r community (which is a great community) has always had the ability to change the game. Through storyline tournaments, Mega games, polls and various other ways. In L5R its the players that influence the game. This gives allot of the players a sense of ownership and factional pride, it what makes us fall in love with this game. Your clans losses are your losses and your clans victories are yours victories.
  • Depth of strategy: Even though for a card game l5r is a little to complex at times. It's that complexity that adds to the game even more. Lets not forget that this game has been around for 15 years which that alone stands for quite a bit. All that while changes (and sometimes yes mistakes) are made to the game to improve. The game evolves in its complexity and depth.
  • The Storyline: Its always comforting to look down on the table at the card or miniture in front of you and know the story. I will always be into gaming because it drive the imagination and allows you to do shit that you could or wouldn't ever do. I love stories and with l5r the storyline has always been one of the primary things that brings me back to the table.
  • A need: This is probably one of the kickers for doing a l5r web resource. I see a need in the community to do a personalized web resource that can be of use to new and old players aloke. Something not based in competitive play but not excluding it. Something that celebrates the game in all three of its forms. That is the a good reason.
These are the reasons why I play the game and why I will continue to play more than likely.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Hey everyone. Welcome to the first CCG site in the SGN network. This site will be covering The Legend of the Five Rings Collectible Card Game. My job is to start adding content! Look forward to some articles on learning, collecting and playing the game in general over the next week or so. In the immediate future, I will be posting some starting project coverage. Now, before I go off and start giving advice, I want to clarify that I am not a top level player nor will I be assuming to trump the strategy advice of other more competitive forums. Mostly, I am going to be aiming my knowledge and experience towards new, returning and casual players.
So I hope you enjoy the site and I look forward to fun times! See you next time.